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⭐cbd and acid reflux⁠

⭐cbd and acid reflux⁠

☹️acid reflux is an acute condition when the stomach is upset, resulting in back-flow, or ‘reflux’ of gastric acid to the oesophageal tract.⁠

😄cbd could be your solution! ⁠

❗one of the most major symptoms cbd can help regulate is the secretion of gastric acids themselves.⁠

♥️by reacting with the endocannabinoid system, cbd has the power to greatly reduce the secretion of the acids that cause the actual burn when it comes to heartburn symptoms of gerd.⁠

🔥known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also modulates the movement and volatility of the intestinal system, which can also cause discomfort and pain.⁠

😎cbd interacts with the surrounding soft muscles of the gastrointestinal system that results in the relaxation and contraction of the muscles.⁠

😝as well as this, cbd may help to mitigate mucosal damage, helping to prevent the severity of gerd, or better yet, stop it before effects begin to take place.⁠

🍴so, if you’re suffering with acid reflux, be sure to try a broad spectrum cbd product ideally before eating, to ease your symptoms.⁠

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