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hemp oil vs cbd oil

hemp oil vs cbd oil

❌ if you’re not experiencing the benefits you expected, this may be why⁠ ⁠ 🍃🌼

cbd oil uses the stalks, leaves & flowers of the hemp plant in its production. these contain a higher concentration of cbd, which is a compound with numerous health benefits.⁠ ⁠🌱

hemp oil comes from ONLY the seeds of the hemp plant. these seeds do have a rich profile of nutrients, but they do not contain cbd which is the active ingredient that has the useful benefits you’re looking for. ✅

if you’re looking for cbd benefits then you have to go for a CBD product 💰 be careful not to be bamboozled by high concentration figures of hemp oil products at low prices…. ⁠😊

stick to a decent broad spec cbd product to get the effects you want to achieve!


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