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history of hemp pt1


📚the history of hemp⁠

👁️the ancient sumerians, akkadians and egyptians used cannabis for various problems ranging from grief, to seizures and even eye conditions.⁠

⭐ancient egyptians even used cannabis to relieve pain in hemorrhoids and medical cannabis & cbd is still used to treat pain in the modern day.⁠

🇮🇳however, it was actually ancient India that had the most well-known associations with cannabis⁠

📖extraordinarily, cannabis, or ‘bhang’ is in fact, mentioned in the Hindu religious text, the Vedas⁠

🌿cannabis has also been used for thousands of years in the traditional indian herbal medical system, ayurveda. ⁠

⭐it was an important ingredient in herbal concoctions made to treat conditions as diverse as fever, asthma, digestive issues, anxiety, seizures and skin disorders. ⁠

❌without this ingredient, many of the recipes just didn’t work as well, it was as though the potency had been removed from them, possibly due to the loss of synergy between cannabis and the other ingredients. ⁠



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