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❓how do cbd tampons work & are they safe?⁠

❓how do cbd tampons work & are they safe?

🌱cbd tampons contain naturally occurring cbd, which is a part of the hemp plant and often cocoa butter and coconut oil too which allow the suppository to soften once it’s inside your body⁠

⭐ other than that, they look and feel the same as your standard tampon. The important difference is that cbd tampons are reported to offer pain relief⁠

🕐 once the tampon is inserted, the cbd is absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucosa in the vagina and it begins to work immediately⁠

🔥It is then absorbed by the blood vessels in the pelvic region, helping to ease uterine pain as the inflammation is decreased⁠

👩‍⚕️Jennifer Berman, a urologist and women’s sexual health expert says that inserting cbd vaginally for menstural cramps is ‘great’ and she believes they are both ‘safe and effective’⁠

🧠 they say they work because, “the pelvic region contains more cannabinoid receptors than any other part of the body except for the brain”⁠

😃so, if you’re looking for something to ease period pain, why not give them a go? ⁠

⚠️ but if your periods are so uncomfortable you can’t function, it’s important you see a doctor before you try cbd tampons to rule out any potential underlying causes. ⁠




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