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how we absorb cbd pt 1 ❕❕

how we absorb cbd pt 1 ❕❕

we are going to cover the four main ways we absorb cbd


😋 the first two are when we consume products orally


👅 when we have coated edibles or oils the cbd is absorbed through the sublingual route under the tongue – this is a gland on the bottom of the mouth.


🩸cbd passes through the thin membrane straight into our bloodstream. this has the benefit of avoiding metabolism by the liver


🍽  the second edible method is through your digestive system- passing through our stomach– before being absorbed in the small intestine and metabolised by our liver


🌟 our intestine wall lining are made up of small finger like projections called villi.


🙌 These villi increase the surface area  to aid absorption and has a structure like a sieve,  which is   attached to a blood vessel. This allows small molecules to pass through the villi into the bloodstream.


🤩we have another video on the time taken for absorption


✌️ in part two we will look at how absorption occurs through the skin and lungs


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