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is cbd a scam?

😮Is cbd a scam?

😃well, a recent study by the cmc concluded that a ‘sizeable proportion’ of the 4 to 6 million cbd users in the uk say that they experience a medicinal or therapeutic benefit from cbd.

🍏this suggests that as well as taking cbd for overall wellness, many people are using it to treat health conditions.

💸🕙however, getting a drug to market is an expensive & lengthy process.

❗as a result, pharmaceutical companies tend to focus on patentable synthetic, single-molecule drugs.

📄so, it’s no surprise big pharma has steered clear of whole-plant cannabis and cbd, which as botanical extracts containing hundreds of compounds are financial suicide to invest in as they can’t have exclusivity on any of the studied compounds.

⭐the good news

😄even-though there are these obstacles – there is a wide body of observational data and single case studies.

☹️sadly this isn’t considered sufficiently reliable by the regulatory bodies deciding which products have proven benefits.

💰so, as a result, for health regulatory bodies and for medical profession, there is insufficient evidence proving cannabis (including cbd) is effective in humans as a medicinal product because the research needed to prove the benefits is being limited by lack of funding.


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