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legal vs illegal cbd edibles


👮‍♂️🚨 legal vs illegal edibles – 3 things to look out for!

✉️ a letter sent to parents about edibles (attached) which could be confusing to a consumer as many reputable companies selling cbd legally.

⬇️ if you are new to cbd want to feel the benefits and may be confused as to what’s legal online… here are three things to look out for:

🤪 thc edibles sold online usually have gimmicky names which relate closely to the original product – like in this example STONED PATCH rather than SOUR PATCH. CALIBO rather than HARIBO brand.

🏷 cbd products will clearly label how much cbd is in the product and in each piece

💻 they won’t have a website for you to check the product validity and reports as legal CBD edible products need to be tested in the UK

🤑 if you can ONLY pay via Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency that should raise a red flag for you to double check the validity of the product

❓ if you have any questions about cbd or any topic raised in this video feel free to reach out to us over message 🗣


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