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relieve is there to assist with your post workout recovery, soothing muscle aches and pains, and ease troublesome joints.

use a piece before bedtime or after your evening workout.

cbme functional apricots are packed with the powerhouses that help to naturally control inflammatory responses and oxidative stress within the body, both of which contribute to muscle soreness and pain in your muscles and joints.

when taken daily, relieve could be great to support anyone managing with joint or inflammatory pain, helping to protect the health of joints and bones, and maintain joint flexibility.

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what goes into relieve

relieve coated in relieve cbd blend - infused with turmeric root (curcumin) and black pepper (piperine)
our chosen strains for this blend are abundant in the anti inflammatory elements beta-caryophyllene and myrcene, we use the whole plant rather than an isolate to ensure the synergy of the hemp plant is preserved. all elements of the hemp plant can work in harmony for a natural absorption and effectiveness.
cannabidiol, or cbd for short, is the main event of the 80 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant extract. each of our pieces is coated in an effective dose of 50mg of cbd, which is a little higher than our other blends to get a potent anti inflammatory benefit - soothe, ease and recover in every bite size chunk.
a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant – found in small quantities but with massive benefits which is why we fortify our blends by adding more back in. cbg is non-psychoactive, like cbd, but acts on different receptors in the body – making cbg the perfectly compliment to cbd within our functional blend.
a powerhouse for managing inflammation, shown to be super beneficial in those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. its not the powder used in cooking which contains less than 5% curcumin! all the goodness is found within 3% of the spice, which is extracted from the root and infused.

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