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use a piece of pineapple to get a plant powered uplift – getting your day off to the best start, or use as a pick me up anytime you want that little extra boost.
uplift is there whenever you are feeling like your balance is off, your focus is misaligned, or your calm has been disrupted.

our functional pineapple pieces can support your body to deal with stress, and when taken regularly can improve the body’s resistance to daily stress.

use uplift for when you want to be at your best. helping to maintain mental balance and giving optimal cognitive ability and focus to zone into your daily tasks.

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what goes into uplift

our uplift blend contains the happiest and most energising hemp strains, packed full of limonene for happy vibes, focus, energy and calm. we use the whole plant rather than an isolate to ensure the synergy of the hemp plant is preserved. all elements of the hemp plant can work in harmony for a natural absorption and effectiveness from the cbd blend.
cannabidiol, or cbd for short, is the main event of the 80 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant extract. each of our pieces is coated in an effective dose of 35mg of cbd, to get the full benefit - bringing focus, calm and energy to you day in every bite size chunk.
a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant – found in small quantities but with massive benefits which is why we fortify our blends by adding more back in. cbg is non-psychoactive, like cbd, but acts on different receptors in the body – making cbg the perfectly compliment to cbd within our functional blend.
an adaptogen, which as the name suggests, helps us 'adapt' to modern day stressors. responds to the needs of the body, helping to support and reduce negative changes during times of emotional and physical stress. using only the root gives a more concentrated and wholesome extract.
because your tummy is a sensitive soul...and as everyone knows, a happy gut leads to a happy life! packed with 80 strains of good bacteria including Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

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