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synthetic vs natural cbd


synthetic 🆚 natural cbd⁠

🌱in general, natural cbd refers to any cbd which is obtained from cannabis sativa plants…⁠

🧪while synthetic cbd and cannabinoids are man-made chemicals typically synthesized with either fluoride or bromide.⁠

❗in 2018, the FDA issued a statement warning of the “significant health risks of synthetic cannabinoid products” and linked their usage to “severe illnesses and even deaths” in several cases across multiple states in america.⁠

‼️another study by the journal of medical phyto research in california concluded that the human body is not equipped to properly catabolize synthetic cannabinoids⁠

💰⏲️regardless of this, several companies have sought to simultaneously increase profits and reduce production time by creating synthetic cbd.⁠

😥currently, synthesized cbd products are some of the most poorly regulated in the industry. the efforts to make them indistinguishable from natural products via ambiguous labelling and advertising has negatively impacted the overall public reception of cbd.⁠

😃however, natural active plant compounds have a long history of human use, are safer and the body doesn’t reject or react to them.⁠

❕there is an impressive amount of anecdotal evidence that state natural cbd products reduce or improve the severity of symptoms related to a variety of conditions; from panic attacks to obsessive compulsive disorder.⁠

😯some independent studies even claim naturally-sourced cbd could cause appreciable improvement in symptoms related to the early stages of dementia.⁠

🚶so, if you’re looking to supplement or self-medicate with cbd for a better quality of life opt for natural cbd as it provides a far more desired response in the human body.


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