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🙆‍♀️cbd – good for your heart and soul

🙆‍♀️cbd – good for your heart and soul

🔥inflammation is part of the process that leads to many diseases such as coronary heart disease & high blood pressure.⁠

😃luckily, as you’ll know from watching our previous videos, cbd has anti-inflammatory properties, and so can reduce the likelihood of these diseases occurring.⁠

❗you may be aware that our blood pressure can rise during episodes of stress and repeated events of stress.⁠

🚬🍕🍹therefore, unhealthy habits linked to stress, like smoking, eating unhealthily and drinking too much alcohol can all cause long-term high blood pressure. ⁠

🖤high blood pressure can damage your heart, major organs and arteries over time and this damage can increase your risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases.⁠

💕however, A 2017 study saw healthy human volunteers be subjected to stress, and then given a dose of cbd -which had a positive effect by actually lowering their blood pressure.⁠

❤️as well as this, other studies have suggested that cbd can have a protective effect on the heart. ⁠

⭐this has been proven in animal studies as CBD HAD A POSITIVE IMPACT on the after effects of a heart attack and protective effects in animals with some of the heart damage associated with diabetes.⁠


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