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cbd not working for you? ⭐️ here are 5 common reasons why

cbd not working for you? ⭐️ here are 5 common reasons why

😢 1) you’re using a low-quality product. a study found that only a fraction of cbd products on the market contain the stated concentration of cbd.

ensure you’re choosing a lab tested product from a reputable brand. all edible products in the uk and europe should have an FSA application submitted

💊 2) you’re taking the wrong dose there is no ideal dose for everyone and its doesn’t always correlate to your size.

🧍‍♂️ finding your optimal cbd dose may require some perseverance, but you will be thankful when you do gradually increase your dose each day until you get the desired effect. starting too low may not have noticeable effect.

if you are using it for stress or sleep, an ideal dose will be around 35mg for inflammation from joint pain or post workout look to be around 50mg

❕3) you need more time while some are lucky enough to feel the effects of cbd almost immediately, others don’t. if that’s the case for you, be patient.

take a daily dose for a few days, this can help sustain a level in your body and stimulate your endocannabinoid system.

🍉 4) you need a different delivery method you can find everything from cbd bath bombs to coffee.

if you’ve been trying one delivery system with no luck, a different form is likely to work better for you.

absorption through the skin is low, and not everyone is keen on smoking or vaping.

the most common method is as an edible – either as a gummy , dried fruit as with our brand, or an oil INFUSED gummies absorb in the stomach so bioavailability is lower…. if you choose a COATED edible or an oil they absorb in the mouth – through the sublingual method under the tongue. this avoids metabolism in the stomach so could be the better choice.

⭐️5) you’re using the wrong type of cbd not all cbd gets created equally. many products are cbd isolate but not clearly labelled so make sure you read carefully. choose a broad spectrum product with terpenes to ensure you are getting the full effect from the whole plant. this is the way the body synergistically interacts with cbd, through something called the entourage effect.


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