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history of hemp pt4


📚the history of hemp⁠ part 4

😒after the end of the prohibition, the story grew more complicated for cannabis.⁠

👿the newly appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics , henry anslinger, turned his attention to demonising cannabis.⁠

🤪he ensured cannabis was enemy number one.⁠
films were released that showed people supposedly driven insane by the plant.⁠

💰these films were sponsored by the FBN and increased their funding as the films successfully created a social and public fear of cannabis.⁠

😪following this, in 1937, the marihuana tax act made cannabis illegal on a federal level, making it near impossible to prescribe as medicine.⁠

❌in 1961, the next big blow for cannabis came from the united nations. 185 countries signed the single convention on narcotic drugs, committing themselves to limiting the consumption possession and trafficking of narcotic drugs to medical and scientific purposes. ⁠

⚠️with pressure from the united states, the convention included cannabis in both schedule 1 and schedule 4; a classification reserved for drugs such as heroin that pose serious risk of abuse and have limited therapeutic value. ⁠

🇬🇧🇺🇸member states like the usa and uk subsequently fulfilled their treaty obligations, introducing the 1970 controlled substance act and 1971 misuse of drugs act respectively, classifying cannabis as dangerous and without medical benefit. ⁠


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