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history of cbd


the history of cbd 💚📖🌱
❓the previous videos in this history series, may leave you wondering what the history of cannabis has to do with cbd.⁠

🌱well, cbd is a compound found in cannabis sativa – the latin term for what we know as cannabis, marijuana and hemp. ⁠

🚫cbd does not have an intoxicating effect, but anslinger neither understood nor cared about the complexities of the cannabis plant; he was just intent on banning it.⁠

😟sadly, a consequence of this 70-year global cannabis prohibition has been the stifling of crucial research into all the plant’s constituent parts, including cbd..⁠

👨‍⚕️the scientific world has known about cbd since 1940, when american organic chemist roger adams discovered cbd in his lab. ⁠

😄In 1963, professor raphael mechoulam, mapped out cbd’s structure, and in 1965 became the first scientist to synthesise cbd.⁠

🎉it was mechoulam who initially shone a light on cbd’s medicinal potential. In 1980 he gave cbd to eight patients with epilepsy. four subjects were almost seizure free during the study and three others noted significant improvement. ⁠

😪proffessor mechoulam was convinced this would be the beginning of a cbd revolution in medicine, but it took another 25 years for these studies to be taken seriously.⁠

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