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is cbd addictive⁉️⁠

is cbd addictive⁉️⁠

⭐ you may be aware of the benefits of CBD but want to know whether it has withdrawal like other things…⁠

😃 the simple answer is NO⁠

👍 there is no risk of cbd making you feel intoxicated, nor would you experience withdrawal symptoms if you stopped taking it⁠

🗒️ according to a report released by the World Health Organisation, cbd ‘is not associated with abuse potential’. ⁠

⭐ not only is it not addictive, but some evidence reveals that cbd may treat nicotine addiction & also help to prevent relapse after a period of detoxification & sobriety.⁠⁠

⚠️ it’s important to know that there is no evidence to show that cbd cures issues like stress or pain permanently which means that if you were to stop taking cbd, your symptoms would most likely return.⁠

😕 some people confuse this with a feeling of dependency, when it is in fact, simply a return to baseline as a result of not having cbd in your system to treat the issue at hand.⁠

🎉 the bottom line is that cbd is non-habit forming & non-addictive.⁠




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