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what is cbn?

what is cbn?

⭐ so, you know about cbd and thc, but let me tell you about cbn. ⁠

‼️cbn is short for cannabinol and was the first compound to be isolated from hemp ⁠

👴cbn is best known as the cannabinoid created when thc ages.⁠

⬆️therefore, it’s usually present in high amounts in older strains.⁠

😃regardless of this, many seek out older strains of hemp purely to enjoy the effects of cbn. ⁠

🎉it is mildly psychoactive, but it generally doesn’t produce a high like thc! ⁠

📚and although cbn is still being explored which means that research is relatively scarce, its benefits appear promising.⁠

here’s 5️⃣ things cbn appears to be useful for⁠

1) appetite stimulation. 🍔⁠

cbn increased the amount of food in an animal study⁠


2) it’s neuroprotective effects. 🧠⁠

cbn was able to delay the onset of als.⁠

3) pain relief. 💪⁠

both cbd and cbn can reduce myofascial pain.⁠


4) it’s anti-inflammatory effects. 🔥🖐️⁠

cbn is capable of helping those with rheumatoid arthritis. ⁠

5) and the most comman use – sleep! 😴⁠

many people report that cbn helps them sleep and a study shows it can potentially act as a powerful sedative.⁠



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